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RIO joined NKBA successfully

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Author : Paul Kao
Update time : 2020-04-16 15:12:00

RIODEGRANDE has been qualified as a global supplier to NKBA recently, one of most powerful and biggest designer online platforms and construction and home furnishing information hub in the US.

RIO attended KBIS in Las Vegas 2020 and was stunned by its complete and edge-cutting technologies which had been applied in home improvement and furnishing. You can see not only the industrial trends but also new designs may lead the direction, healthy, cheaper, green, flexible space, all these customer's demands should be found with answers and solution here.

We would like to join this big family together with the world most talented individuals and greatest ideas to inspire new success. Also with its broad advertisement contribution, RIO will gain more reputation and meet more US clients trust from its products and excellent services.

See you guys in KBIS Orlando 2021.